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Sales skills are imperative to the success of any business. A good prospect of success and being cost-conscious is important to start with - also to be confident in your decision-making. 

But don´t forget one very important thing: Fun and having a passion for building long-term customer relationships ...

Are you looking for a sales-professional, who has consistently delivered sales results for more than 20 years in the sophisticated world of IT products and and services? If you want to concentrate on your local sales management and open up new horizons for your company in Germany you can benefit from external support ...

Sales - such a small word for a holistic approach - is all about the development of business relationships. You need a custom-designed sales-management strategy. To reach one´s goal you must have realistic targets and a detailed plan to achieve your milestones along the way. Remember - there´s always more than one solution ...

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Creating and realizing inspiring sales concepts - that´s my forte!
When it comes to personal contacts for developing sales relationships, quality is more important than quantity. Nevertheless it´s true that more leads can mean more customers.

My special passion is for orders which generate a good feeling for both sides of the business - my customers and the new prospects/ customers that I won for them - the basis of a long-term, solid customer relationship.

For more than 22 years I have been successful in sales, 16 years of it in IT-business - a world full of complex products and services that can be daunting to new customers. I look forward to the challenge of explaining the benefit of high-technology systems to prospective customers in a language that they will understand.

15 years as a senior officer of a company teached me to be reliable, loyal and act responsibly - but also to be creative and offer new ideas. From my point of view, I´m the connection between IT solution providers and their prospective customers.

Are you ready for a change?
I look forward to leading you to success.



Alexandra Langstrof
IT-Sales & Management
Niermannsweg 11-15
D-40699 Erkrath

Phone: +49 211 - 42 38 97 10
Cell: +49 175 - 75 67 181



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